11 examples of customer loyalty that worked

The customer loyalty process was once understood as fundamental for companies. Through it, it is possible to have a predictability of the monthly cash flow and, thus, it is easier to establish plans and goals. Creativity is one of the most important aspects of getting people’s attention. Therefore, we have separated some examples of customer loyalty that have been applied in different companies. 11 examples of customer loyalty to inspire If you are thinking about how to create your customer loyalty strategy, knowing some success stories can be very useful. These experiences can generate insights and be adapted to the reality of different companies. 1. OAB MG’s zero annuity plan OAB/MG, in partnership with Lecupon , launched a zero annual fee program for its members. Through an application, the Organization of Brazilian Lawyers of Minas Gerais offers a series of advantages, discount coupons and offers in a network of services with more than 20 thousand brands. Each time an OAB/MG member uses one of these coupons, a cashback is generated within the platform.

The North Face Points Program

The points program is guided by the simple rule that the more a person spends, the more points he receives. The North Face used this plan to design its loyalty program . Called “VIPeak”, the program works according to the customer’s consumption. Whenever a customer makes a purchase on the website or in the China Phone Number List physical store, they receive a certain number of points. This amount varies depending on the expense that is make. Customers earn 10 points for every $1 spent at online or retail stores, and five points for every $1 spent at brand outlets. These points can be accumulate and later exchange for new products or other rewards. Google’s “Platinum Rule” To achieve customer loyalty , Google created the so-called “Platinum Rule”. It has a very simple principle: if someone can contact you by email, the company must respond by email. If another person uses social media to make an interaction, respond to the same social network that the post was make from.

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The Barnes & Noble Paid Program Experience

Barnes & Noble has launched a paid program for its customers, offering exclusive financial benefits such as free shipping and discounts. To be part of the company’s VIP plan, a person needs to pay $25/month. It is important to say that, in order to be successful in this program model, it is essential to have a very DX Leads active customer base and an appreciation of the brand. The program generates a feeling of exclusivity and belonging for customers. People will join this loyalty program at a cost if they perceive brand identification. The Body Shop Charity Program Not every customer loyalty action needs to involve exclusive discounts, offers and advantages. It is possible to create a program that encourages solidarity and shows the social values ​​of your company. The Body Shop has environmental responsibility as a fundamental value. So when she created her loyalty plan, she offered not only exclusive rewards and benefits.

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