Sponsored articles and netlinking 2 different axes

I often see amalgams that are raised by Internet users and even web editors, between sponsored articles and netlinking , where it is sometimes a question of brief, but not as we hear it. If in form it remains very similar, because the notion of “post sponsored” unfortunately takes precedence over the notion of netlinking , we must still distinguish the contours. Let’s take a look at the notable differences between sponsored content and content associated with netlinking. sponsored articles Sponsored posts are often referred to as influencer marketing , as it is mostly about using influencers when it comes to producing sponsored content. Be it articles, video, photo or even audio. Sponsored articles are specific to influencer bloggers because of the editorial content, but they are not always linked to influence marketing, if we isolate this type of content, which is the article.

Sponsored articles

Netlinking is a universe attached to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) where it is a question of referencing. Thus an article to write in netlinking, although. It is often also call sponsor article, is Ecuador Phone Number List purely write for a better ranking in SEO. These are places or several links within an article, for which a minimum brief is announce. Here the company is looking for the first Google position on its queries, and it is obvious. That the article must also be of high quality and well optimized for the web. “Sponsored” articles in netlinking. The brief also has no promotional purpose in most cases, except with an exceptional angle that would combine netlinking. And therefore SEO, with promotion. We sometimes find this type of content with publishers of digital marketing tools or similar in this case, but this is not always the case.

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Sponsored articles in netlinking

Hence the notion of sponsored article in influencer marketing, and netlinking. When we talk about SEO. Sponsored articles A sponsored article is mainly promotional content highlighting.  A product or service, in order to increase its sales and gain visibility. The writing of a sponsored article is also the subject of a DX Leads fairly strict brief on the subject to be address. The angle and the points to be raise. As well as the visual elements which are to be insert in the content. So from an SEO point of view (if the focus is on the tool) there is little benefit to be from it. Positioning a tool on its name and its description has no real interest if we only aim for this angle. What matters is the problem to which the tool responds, therefore what it allows to do for its user.


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