The blog and social networks The 2 fundamental differences

What are the fundamental differences between a blog and social networks? When we talk about channels for disseminating information or content in the broad sense. We are talking about both blogs and social networks. Can we do without one or the other in the context of a search for visibility. And how should we consider these platforms, from a professional point of view? There are still many companies that will not distinguish between these different solutions to make themselves known and gain visibility. Which one or which ones should be favoured, and if both are necessary, how can they be complementary? Many questions arise around the blog and social networks, but very often we forget 2 fundamental elements, which distinguish them very clearly. Which tends to think that they are indeed complementary on these specific points. We gain likes, shares, comments and clicks like what we find through Facebook interactions.

The web ecosystem of a company within

First of all, we can raise the social media strategy. Which will aim to make a company known by using the channels At its disposal or those to be created. It is an action plan that will integrate Jiangsu Phone Number List the main channel that hosts the content. The blog in this case or the website, and the channels through. Which this content will be shared. The latter being, of course, social networks. Social media strategy It is therefore necessary to know perfectly the disadvantages and advantages of social networks, so that you can know which ones are best for distributing your content. The scheme is quite classic, but it boils down to the desire to get closer to the consumer through the content produced and hosted on the blog. Content that will then be shared on social networks. It is on the networks that we will seek to gain commitment from our community (the subscribers) in order for them to interact on this content.

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The audience for the blog and the community

2 groups of people representing targets, but to really distinguish in their approach and their mode of operation. An audience is much more volatile than a community, and for the latter, we can see DX Leads the benefit of having a community manager to keep it engaged and active. The CM will manage social networks in particular. The audience on the blog Did you know ? The audience of a blog is renew every month , as long as the main target is organic work. That is to say the search for positioning of its content in the first pages and first positions on Google. When you reach the first position on Google , you will inevitably be visible and generate clicks. It is therefore here that you will gain organic traffic, thanks to your work oriented towards the referencing of your content. The more content you have positioned on the first page and in the top 3, the more organic traffic you will earn.

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