26 Million Spaniards Are Users on Social Networks

Million users on social networks, more involvement and new revelation platforms in Spain. 87% of the. Spanish population (from 16 to 65 years old) is a user of social networks, their favorite platforms being. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. The study carried out by IAB Spain in collaboration with predictive and Elogia also positions TikTok as the revolutionary social network of 2020. 10 takeaways you should keep in mind in your 2020 digital strategy.

10 takeaways you should keep in mind in your 2020 digital strategy

Daily use of social networks has gone from 55 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes , with WhatsApp and Instagram being the most frequent. Facebook remains the best known, followed by Instagram and Twitter. Still, users rate WhatsApp, YouTube and Spotify more favorably. The platform that is growing the most in awareness is TikTok, from 14% in 2019 to 53% in 2020. In fact, 9 out of 10 users watch videos on social networks: tutorials, humor and music. The mobile is crowned as the buy mlm genealogy leads main connection device with 97%, ahead of the PC and the tablet. The use of profiles on networks is diversified: 81% entertainment, 77% interaction and 66% information. 34% of Internet users like advertising to be in line with their interests and 65% prefer to be shown long-lasting content.


Decreases follow-up of brand profiles

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Increases intensity (minutes spent). 59% of users do research on social networks before making a purchase and 56% say that this information influences their purchase decision. The trend that appears in 2020 is eSports . 54% of those surveyed say they play video games online. Generation Z (16 and 24 years old) have their own networks and DX Leads make more intense use of them. A list starring its basics: Instagram, WhatsApp and YouTube, and in which TikTok, Twitch, 21 Buttons, Spotify or Snapchat are now added. Download the full study here subscribe to the newsletter! MAIL.

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