5 Keys to Activate Black Friday With Ugc

Black Friday is coming. It’s only a weekend, but the bets on the numbers for the annual event are very high. A large volume of traffic is useless if it doesn’t convert in the end, so it’s time to ensure more than ever. Reinforcing the moment of purchase, in the last click, is complementary -if not essential- to a good advertising campaign. Increasing Sweden phone number format this final efficiency is a finer matter, of sensations, of confidence. Even more so on dates where the public’s exploration time quadruples. In this sense and in line with this article, reinforcing the desire with authentic photographs of users using the product (UGC) always improves the ratios.


Brief introduction to UGC

The term UGC (User Generated Content) or “user-generat content” is almost as old as the Internet itself. The concept refers to all content. (photos, videos, text, audio) originally created by citizens. (without purely commercial objectives) and published. In online media, mainly social networks, blogs or the like. Its mass use began in the mid-2000s when. As a result of the appearance of social networks. This type of spontaneous online publication became popular. It is considered that the cover of time magazine naming. “You” (your) to the person of the year 2006 was the. “Officialization” of this first period.


Evolution of the UGC

Sweden phone number format

Since then, UGC content has grown exponentially, also fueled by the universalization of Internet access and the appearance of smartphones. The figures are so considerable that it is difficult to DX Leads measure them, but a note for this is the 2 million photos that are published on Snapchat every minute or the 500 million users who access Instagram every day. UGC content is also used for commercial purposes. Its authenticity, compared to content created for commercial purposes, makes it especially attractive to the general public, tired of commercial tricks and in search of true stories.

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