9 most common reasons that lead to lost customers

Every loss of customers has a reason. Understanding why a person stops doing business with the company helps to promote improvements in the product/service or service. By thinking of strategies that reduce this loss, the company manages to reinforce customer retention . Which is essential to ensure financial stability and business growth. With that in mind, we list 9 of the main reasons that encourage the loss of customers in most companies. Top 9 reasons for losing customers You can be a retailer, have a SaaS company or a subscription service… Regardless of the format, there are common reasons that lead to the loss of customers. Avoiding these situations helps to increase customer satisfaction, who tend to do more business with the company. Bad and unpersonalize service When you are trying to solve a problem, you want to be treated in the best possible way. It is frustrating to contact the company and have a cold, distant service and unable to resolve your issue.

Inefficiency in solving customer needs

Problem solving needs to be agile, but above all efficient. Remember: pressure is the enemy of perfection in many cases. Choose to offer a service that really solves the customer’s root problem. In some situations, surface issues may reflect a problematic structure behind it. Listen carefully to customer Argentina Phone Number List expectations and desires. This measure will help a lot in the relationship that your company is building with the people who purchase your products or services — whether you are B2B or B2C. 3. Lack of proactiveness in anticipating problems Having well-defined processes in your company can help a lot in this regard. Without being able to visualize how to follow the sales and purchase procedure, who will pass these functions through, it is difficult to predict potential problems. Anticipating problems helps to mitigate the impacts on end customers, managing to reduce dissatisfaction. 4. Not understanding who your customer is Do you know your customer.

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Believing that the customer is already yours

There is a very fine line between being confident and arrogant. When you convey confidence in your product/service to your customer, the returns are highly positive. However, if you start treating this person as “you’re already my client” or “you’re in the conversation”, everything can fall apart. 6. Problems understanding DX Leads the customer’s buying process Even knowing your customers well, it is important to know that people have their particularities, difficulties and processes. Using mental triggers is essential to help with this moment of purchase. Some customers react positively to urgent tones, others not so much… There is variation, but the important thing is to promote a variety of approaches, respecting and understanding that the purchase process will vary and may bring some difficulties. Lack of communication between company and customers For some services and businesses, keeping communication close to customers can be a challenge.

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