Become a nomadic blogger and travel the world

One of the many dreams of some bloggers or even freelancers in the digital fields is to be able to practice their profession from anywhere in the world . In some cases, all you need is a high-speed WiFi connection to be able to exercise peacefully. This is what we hear regularly! A little simplistic and whimsical on paper all the same! Traveling abroad and being able to work there in good conditions still requires a few predispositions. You need an adventurous temperament, a proven passion for your job and above all an ability to adapt to multiple environments. Above all, there are still many formalities to follow depending on the country visited. Let’s see below some tips and formalities if you decide to try the adventure of the nomadic blogger. The Canada eTA application is somewhat similar to the ESTA for the United States.

Travel formalities for the nomadic blogger

In addition to a valid and compulsory passport for travel outside the European Union, and in particular the visas that you may be asked for, there are other formalities with which you must Kuwait Phone Number List be in order to travel in complete peace of mind. The first being to be vaccinate in view of the ongoing crisis. But also to issue a PCF document if necessary and request by the authorities, for which it will be necessary to do so in advance. Travel formalities for the nomadic blogger For some countries, if you decide to visit the magnificent regions of North America and in particular Canada, you will in some cases need to hold an eTA at the risk of not being able to get there. What is an eTA? The AVE is an Electronic Travel Authorization allowing you to travel for a maximum of 6 months. It is valid for 5 years without travel limitation, if you do not exceed the previously mentioned duration of stay.

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Some advice to better anticipate your trips

Leaving for several months and forgetting the fateful little thing could very quickly ruin your stay! To remedy this, simply use the good old checklist on paper. If you are leaving alone, do not immediately attempt a departure of several months. Leave for a few weeks to see how you fit into the life of a nomadic DX Leads blogger and the ups and downs you might encounter. Some advice to better anticipate your trips Let’s take a look at what the nomadic blogger should not forget before leaving, even if this list is not necessarily exhaustive: Plan a budget not to be exceeded and create an emergency reserve in the event of a long stay. Set yourself a publishing schedule for your blog and keep up the pace taking into account any time difference. Check that all your documents are in order and/or that they are in your possession. Passport, Driving licence, ESTA, AVE, Visa, Vaccination, PCF, Bank cards etc. Notify friends and family and report back.

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