How do I set up a secure Internet connection for remote work

The coronavirus crisis has led to strong measures being taken in the workplace. As social distancing is in order, some companies have had to set up teleworking solutions . A solution adopted for all their employees, while making sure to secure their confidential data. However, not all employees have the necessary knowledge and equipment to work from home. We give you the keys below to configure your internet connection and maintain the level of protection of your data. The VPN: the tool that secures your data A virtual private network, commonly known as a VPN , allows you to securely connect one or more computers in a virtual private network anywhere, through a public network such as the Internet, without those computers needing to be physically connected to each other to others or even to be located in the same place. Through this private connection, two or more devices are able to connect and exchange data securely and confidentially.

How to configure a VPN correctly

Going for a free VPN gives an idea of ​​what it takes to set up a paid VPN . Before starting the configuration, it is essential to have a VPN client and know its details like the server IP address, type of encryption used, username and password. Your company may be able to provide you with these details. If you are Wuhan Phone Number List in Windows, installing and configuring a VPN will no longer be complicate. Simply : Go to the “Windows Configuration”; Select the “Network and Internet/VPN” option ; Click on “Add a VPN connection” , and enter all the details of the VPN service; If you are on a Mac, the procedure remains simple. You’ll have to : Open “System Preferences” ; Choose the section entitled “Network”; Then click on “Add, at the bottom of the list of network services; Finally, select the “VPN” option from the drop-down menu. Enter the VPN service details, and save the connection.

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Recommendation to employees and companies

Even if access is protect by a password, it is essential for companies to control access to their network from the Internet. The latter could be pick up via a public Wifi access point or control by a hacker. Cybercrime is growing and all the more so during the crisis. Recommendation to employees and companies As such, employees DX Leads must: Use multi-factor authentication (MFA). Especially for accounts linked to Office 365, G Suite and SalesForce. Have strong and unique passwords for each service. Ensure the regular updating of working software; Configure the computer to use a DNS server to protect. It from malware, phishing , and ransomware. Securing the home router by changing the router’s default password and Wifi access key. Backup laptop to local USB drive, cloud or other hard drive. Ensure physical security in a public place by using a privacy screen. As for companies, they must: Provide secure.

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