The advice of a WordPress agency for a successful site

I am a Webmaster for Full Development, here are some key tips from our WordPress agency for a successful website . Add them to your digital strategy. Prerequisites To take full advantage of this article, you must first have a WordPress account, knowing that there are two ways to use it. is an open source software which allows free access to the software code. To use you need hosting and a domain name or use a local server (WampServer for Windows, Mamp for Mac) to imitate the operation of a host. Now let’s talk about , which is software that provides a turnkey solution, allowing you to have hosting provided by the platform. is software that you have to pay for each month, the themes and plugins offered are the same on both software.

Web-centric programming languages

The most used programming languages ​​to create a site is that WordPress uses are: – HTML, allowing the structure of the page CSS, allowing formatting JavaScript allows interaction PHP is Czech Republic Phone Number List used on the server side Everything is based on a MySQL database. The front end This is all the part visible to the user. It corresponds to the programming languages ​​HTML, CSS, JavaScript. JavaScript allows you to interact with the site. The Back-end This is all the part invisible to the user. The Back-end aims to make a site work. It is a server-side language that communicates with the database. plugin A plugin is an extension allowing to add functionalities. Just like the themes, it is therefore necessary to sort. The number of extensions on WordPress so far is 59,782. I’m going to give you a must-have plugin for WordPress .

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How to search for your keywords

To search for its keywords, you can use the Google tool which is free. All you need to do is access Google ADS and have a Google account to use it. To find your keywords, you have to think about DX Leads the queries that Internet users would enter to find you. Do not hesitate to put 15 to 20 words aside for your research. A keyword can contain several words, which is called key phrase or long tail . The difference is that a simple keyword will be more competitive and therefore more difficult to position yourself on. Inevitably a simple keyword like (website) will have a lot of searches per month. Let’s take an example (Bordeaux website) will be less sought after but more accessible to SEO. Number of words per page The bare minimum of words per page is 300 words. That doesn’t mean you just need 300.

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