Aggression Has Never Solved Anything

You also take the risk of letting a negative opinion influence the buying process of visitors to your e-commerce site. On the contrary, regularly reading the opinions of your customers is interesting on several levels responsiveness By reading reviews regularly, you allow less time to elapse between the time the message was left and your response; speed it will seem less burdensome and faster to consult a dozen opinions every day than several hundred each month; the brake on virality A negative customer opinion to which you do not provide a response can dissuade several tens, even hundreds, of visitors from buying your products.

By remaining vigilant and monitoring

The opinions circulating, you limit the risk that a bad comment will harm your business. To make your life easier, there are alert systems . These alert you to the filing of a new notice. Discover the different PrestaShop modules for customer reviews . 2. Systematically Germany Mobile Number List respond to customer reviews Whether positive or negative, you need to respond to consumer feedback. Why is it important to answer? A reaction from you is essential for three reasons attention A dissatisfied customer will calm down if you show him that you take his criticisms and remarks into consideration. The consumer likes to feel listened to, especially.

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when he is dissatisfied with your product

Your service; trust Do not let more than half a day pass between the publication of the opinion and your response. The customer will then be reassured to DX Leads see how responsive your brand is. By doing so, you will also gain the trust of your online store visitors who will check reviews. They will know that in case of dissatisfaction or any problem, they will be able to talk to someone and get answers; proof of activity A lack of reaction on your part will suggest that your business is inactive or underperforming. By being reactive and available, you create a solid customer relationship . You turn the negative review to your advantage. 3. Remain cordial While it’s important to respond to every negative comment, it’s of course best to be polite ! Here are three attitudes to adopt Don’t lose your temper.

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