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Who have purchased your products They play a vital role in the mind of the buyer. Online store: which price comparator to choose? Here are some of the best price comparison sites. Google Shopping Provided by Google, Google Shopping is the best known . Interestingly, as an online merchant, you can list your products there for free . If you opt for natural referencing, you will have to pay particular attention to the keywords used in association with a product, in order to optimize your position in the Serp. In order to increase your chances of appearing among the first, it is best to turn to Google Ads , and therefore paid referencing.

Do not hesitate to entrust the creation

And management of your Google Ads campaigns to a specialized agency. Idealo Born in Germany, this price comparator is established in six countries : Germany, Austria, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Spain. 98 million products are offered by 11,000 merchants, both on the online site and on the application. Idealo has the advantage of offering Portugal Mobile Number List price monitoring . The consumer can thus request to receive an alert when a product is available at a fixed price. The comparator therefore allows users to buy at the best time. As an online merchant, you will need to be easily referenced, because the comparator offers an ascending price ranking by default .

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However the cost is lower

Than with Google Ads ads. However, in order to DX Leads cover your costs, be sure to only offer products with a high margin. How does the platform work ? You define keywords associated with a product and you determine a cost per click CPC . Kelkoo then ranks products based on two factors: the relevance of the products according to the request of the Internet user; the cost per click paid by the advertiser. Twenga Twenga is a French price comparator . For 15 years, the site has allowed advertisers to position their products using Smart Leads . It is an automated traffic acquisition solution. It increases your visibility by optimizing the performance of ads, and more broadly of campaigns. On this site, the more popular your products are, the more they are appreciated by consumers and the better they are ranked in search results.

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