Why is it important to get an SSL certificate

Briefly, an SSL certificate makes it possible to switch a website to the HTTPS protocol. The exchanges that take place there will therefore be secure, as will the connection between the browser used by each visitor and the server of the web platform. The website can thus prove to Internet users its legitimacy and the confidentiality of all the data exchanged within it. Unlike the HTTP protocol, HTTPS is completely secure (hence the “S” which stands for “Security”) and guarantees the encryption of data collected by the website that activated it. This data includes, among other things, e-mail addresses, personal information and bank details. Any web platform that uses this protocol and which of course has an SSL certificate is easily recognizable by the small padlock in front of its URL which, in this case, is preceded by “HTTPS”.

The different types of SSL certificates

Allowing the activation of the HTTPS protocol, the SSL certificate is a data file that associates a cryptographic key with the data of an entity . As soon as it is installed on a computer server, data Kenya Phone Number List exchanges between the latter and browsers are completely secure. There are 3 types, therefore 3 levels of security. The HTTPS protocol Le certificat SSL DV (Domain Validation) The domain validate. SSL certificate corresponds to the basic security level. It is aim more particularly at those who wish to switch their website to HTTPS. Without providing too much information about their identity to the CA (Certification Authority). Or mobilizing their cash abundantly. Entities wishing to benefit from it must prove. To the CA that they have an exclusive right to use the domain name concern. To do this, they simply have to click on the approval link in the email sent by the Authority following the request. As soon as the HTTPS protocol is activate, the secure site seal appears.

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How to get an SSL certificate

To benefit from a reliable SSL certificate and/or a code signing certificate. You should only contact a trust CA that has already proven itself and has obtained the approval of an official body. If you have no idea what kind of service provider you should turn to. You can contact Sectigo or Digicert, which are two market DX Leads leaders in digital certificates.  Otherwise, you can directly trust the largest reseller of SSL and signature certificates in Europe, HTTPCS. Beyond the reliability of its certificates, it is also renow for the fact that it has the lowest prices on the market. In short, HTTPCS provides an increased level of protection at the best price. Whether you are a showcase site, an e-commerce site or a SaaS application. After finding your CA, all you have to do is acquire your SSL certificate, provide.

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