And Even If You Are At A More Advanced Stage

Committing to a certain number of mailings can be more binding than you would like, without being certain that you will reach the require threshold. Using a shipping platform can give you access to great rates that you might not be able to get on your own. These apps offer online shops attractive and fixe shipping rates. It is also very useful if you want to benefit from the services of several carriers at the same time , at advantageous prices, whatever your volume of shipments. This is the case, for example, when you expand your business to other countries the set of orders you receive from this segment may not be as large as in your main market.

Manage shipping workload Expeditions

Have several stages that involve a large amount of work! E-commerce businesses often struggle to set up an optimal shipping management system to ensure quality deliveries without jeopardizing their daily workflow. When one of your customers takes the Namibia Mobile Number List step of buying, several actions are trigger check the availability in your inventory, select the right carrier, update your stock, pack the product, print the corresponding label, etc. Knowing that in one day, several orders can arrive, it can become exhausting… How to make this process smoother? Centralizing the steps as much as possible is an effective way . Packlink offers you a global shipping management tool, so you can work from a single platform and optimize your process.

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How it works Very simple

The module integrates with your e-commerce platform in DX Leads one clickand with your marketplace; a big step towards a more efficient process! Once log in, you can either upload your orders via a CSV file or import them directly from your online store. After choosing the best carrier from the many options available, your slips (with personalize data) are automatically create, ready to be printe. Your parcels can now be sent safely. But don’t worry you can always keep an eye on it thanks to the real-time tracking functions. And everything is totally free. Automation is in fact one of the key solutions to face the main challenges of shipping.

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