Another Benefit Is The Increase In The Productivity

Thus, lead generation is a process to identify visitors and there are several ways to do this, basically through attraction content and landing pages, which I will explain later. What are the benefits of Lead Generation? When you invest in lead generation , business opportunities increase. This happens because you will be attracting your audience in a certain way, that is, attracting people who are really intereste in your business, after all, they demonstrate this at first.  of the sales team , as working with leads that have already gone through a process with the marketing team offers better working conditions for salespeople and representatives.

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More educate about it. what they need and how you can help them. And, of course, the possibility of increasing the conversion rate , as long as a solid plan is made , base on previous results and data , so that the visits won are not lost and that the visitors are identifie. Predictability of Results The great beauty of Inbound Marketing is the predictability of the Kazakhstan Phone Number List results that you will be able to see in your sales funnel . Who doesn t want to know how many sales are forecast for a given amount of website visits? Well-execute projects present values ​​within the average rates, as in the example funnel below! Consider the average ticket of BRL , per sale.

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And sales funnel is adequate to give results! Buyer s Journey A Complete Guide to Your Buyer Persona . Learning and Discovery You have begun to realize that you have symptoms of a potential problem or opportunity. Maria doesn t receive contacts from her website and starts looking for what could be the causes of this. She is looking for information DX Leads on specialist sites in the segment from Google, but she is not yet intereste in companies. Recommend content types Blog articles , basic e-books , tutorials, and videos. . Solution Consideration You have already realize that you have a problem or that there is an opportunity. Maria discover that her website has few visits and that it doesn t appear in Google results for searches relate to her area of ​​expertise.

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