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Portugal with organic cotton. In terms of business model, we limit intermediaries as much as possible to favor quality and respect for the environment. We have even developed a system for managing returns when the clothes have become too small. What is your target? Our buyer is mainly a mother of children from 0 to 10 years old. Our target is in the 25-45 age group, is in search of values, sensitive to ecology, concerned about consuming differently, in a more responsible way. A woman in search of harmony, receptive to slow food, slow design and slow wear. We have also noticed that our range of products is very popular with blended families.

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You to save 50%. Bonjour Maurice, brand of children’s clothing and a real disruptive company How do you promote the Bonjour Maurice brand? We are a digital brand, with a direct sales channel, so we mainly use social networks, blogs and the Chile Mobile Number List press. We present our catalog on Facebook with retargeting actions on the products visited. We have a boutique in Brussels which is also our showroom and our office. This point of sale allowed us to make ourselves known locally. Why did you choose Presta Shop? After two inappropriate experiences, Square Space and Woo Commerce, we finally turned to Presta Shop. For the Belgian market, we needed a multilingual solution, with stock synchronization to manage our online and in-store sales.

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Of UX and web design. We looked for a partner for DX Leads the development part. Today, we collaborate with a digital agency expert in Presta Shop. We were able to plug in the KerAwen checkout solution and the Spread Family API to track and analyze cart abandonment. PrestaShop has also enabled us to develop tailor-made stock management to take into account both unit sales and box sales. This pooling was imperative for the success of our offer! Bonjour Maurice is present in which country? We mainly target the French-speaking market, that is to say France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. We make 1/3 of our sales in France. We have some international sales. We have already delivered to Singapore and 5th Avenue in New York.

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