Checkout Is A Unique Solution That Allows You To Accept

All types of payments , credit cards, PayPal, applications and local payment methods, in complete security. With PayPal, you benefit from reliable, 100% secure technology 3D Secure 2 , including an anti-fraud detection rule management system that can block transactions with a high risk score. For example, if your card is use in a foreign country for the first time, while it was use in another country the evening before, the transaction will be block. A multitude of rules and machine learning fee these rules for maximum protection. Key arguments for your customers who will be face with new transaction protection measures with the entry into force of PSD 2.

The Payment Services Directive

This standard, which entere into force on September 14, 2019, requires a double verification of the identity of your buyers. During online payment transactions, verification with at least 2 of the following 3 elements will be requeste: an element that only the buyer knows password, code, etc. an item that only the buyer owns mobile phone, smart card, etc. a personal characteristic of the buyer fingerprint, voice recognition, etc. PrestaShop Checkout, a booster Singapore Mobile Number List for your conversions PrestaShop Checkout follows many optimize rules that allow to increase the conversion rate: – The purchase tunnel is simplifie in order to streamline the steps that can cause the customer to abandon the purchase. In particular thanks to the PayPal purchase path which appears as a popup on the same page.

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No more redirection to another page during payment

The pre-filling and, now, the little information require for payment by credit card also support the conversion rate. – The lack of choice of means DX Leads of payment is the cause of one out of two conversion losses. By offering your customers the option of using their preferre payment method , including the most popular local solutions, you reduce the risk of them leaving your e-commerce site without having made a purchase. PrestaShop Checkout, an innovative payment experience The performance of PrestaShop Checkout is reflecte in the simplicity of managing and monitoring all the transactions carried out on your store. You benefit from centralize management of your payment flow in a single module integrate into your administration interface, regardless of the payment method use.

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