Choosing The Right Legal Status To Sell

Your products is not so simple. Online sales are experiencing strong growth and to cope with it, its rules are constantly changing. The legislation is more and more precise, whether you sell your products in France, in the European Union or worldwide. It is important to know (and respect!) the laws in force so as not to expose yourself to the risk of financial or legal sanctions. Legal status, legal notices, international sales, find the essential legal steps to create an e-commerce site. Choose a legal status Choosing the right legal status to sell your products is not so simple.

Before you decide

You must already determine your needs: Are you starting alone or with others? in which geographical area will you send your products? what turnover do you expect to make? In short, the choice of your legal status largely depends on your business plan. From this data and your personal situation, you will be able to determine the form that suits your China Mobile Number List activity. Once you have made your choice, all you have to do is register. The steps to create a business depend on the legal status chosen, but be aware that all the formalities can all be done online. In any case, you will have to: complete a registration form; post a legal notice; and provide proof of identity. After your file has been processed by the registry of the commercial court or the CFE (Centre de Formalités des Entreprises.

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You will receive your SIREN number

Your SIRET and your intra-community VAT number, allowing you to legally exercise your activity. Legal notices and general conditions of sale Selling DX Leads online cannot be improvised. Indeed, e-commerce activities are governed by law 2004-575 of June 21, 2004, known as the law for confidence in the digital economy. To the latter are added the provisions of the Consumer Code and the Commercial Code. From all this flow the mandatory information including the legal notices and the general conditions of sale (GTC). Part of the legal notices is common to all e-commerce. You must therefore publicly and clearly display the following information: site name and URL complete identification of the company: name, legal form, address of the registered office, capital, RCS number + place.

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