Google and social networks is it complementary in SEO

We often find questions revolving around SEO and social networks and in particular this one: Do social networks improve SEO, or do they bring a significant improvement for its SEO? Let’s demystify this subject through this post! SEO: Search Engine Optimization The very definition of the term SEO should answer the question, but since we mean everything and its opposite, let’s give some explanations. SEO: Search Engine Optimization Optimizing content for search engines is how SEO is defined, a term that is more associated with natural referencing in our countries. It is therefore a question of optimizing and improving its content, in order to reach the first position on Google on its requests. This is the goal sought by any company producing content on its website. Google paid referencing , ie Google Ads among others, does not come into play. Web traffic sources There are 5 sources of web traffic (exit paying) through which Internet users arrive on your website or blog.

What about other traffic sources

They send back positive signals and indirectly contribute to your SEO. Among them social traffic or visits acquired via social networks. So if 1000 people click on a link from one of your articles share Shandong Phone Number List on Linkedin for example. This article will not go up in Google, this is where you have to understand the nuance. When talking about positive signals or the term indirectly contributes to your SEO. You will necessarily gain traffic, since social network users will arrive on the content hosted on your site. But it will not be better positioned on Google! This is why we also say not to put all your eggs in one basket. The work on organic traffic is rather long-term and that is why SEO does not provide. An immediate result but rather in the medium to long term. As for social traffic, it allows you to gain visibility more quickly.

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The differences in language between SEO and social networks

The language gaps are on the terms direct and indirect in SEO. Organic traffic and referrals directly influence SEO, as for social traffic and others, they indirectly influence and nevertheless send positive signals in SEO. Social networks allow you to communicate and make yourself known, before acquiring good places DX Leads in the search results. You will (mostly) gain visibility more quickly via social networks than on Google. We can therefore talk about social traffic in SEO but as a source of indirect traffic that nevertheless makes it possible to achieve a visibility objective. This is traffic: Organic referrer _ Social Direct Other (email signatures, newsletter, etc.) So among these sources of web traffic, there is only the organic and the referrer which will directly contribute to a better SEO or natural referencing. Organic traffic corresponds to the work done on your queries, therefore your keywords. If one of your contents appears in a good position.


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