Discover the main corporate benefits and how to manage them

Corporate benefits are advantages acquired by workers — guaranteed by law — and offered by companies with the intention of increasing the level of satisfaction and retaining talent. Corporate benefits are increasingly important for the work environment, as they help in a harmonious and positive organizational climate. Employees feel more valued and belonging when their rights are guarantee by the company. Putting together a good corporate benefits card is not easy. It takes planning, dedication, care and communication with employees. What are corporate benefits? Corporate benefits are offered by a company to its employees with the intention of encouraging them to stay in the industry or attract new talent. These benefits go beyond a good salary, they are practices focus on well-being and a good organizational climate. They are design to meet people’s needs. Some examples of corporate benefits are: medical and odontologic assistence.

Why are corporate benefits important

The HR department already knows how competitive and challenging it is to keep an employee motivated. Turnover is a real problem, which affects the company’s profits. The so-called corporate benefits are an additional attraction, in addition to salaries, so that employees feel attracted to a particular vacancy. Offering Turkey Phone Number List an interesting and diversified portfolio of benefits becomes a competitive differentiator for the company, helping to attract and retain talent. HR management already sees corporate benefits as essential to compete in the market. For employees, a survey by Catho showed that 40% of employed professionals value an attractive benefits package. With the possibilities offer by flexible benefits and the emergence of benefit clubs , this positive logic of retention and satisfaction offer to employees can be extend to consumers. Currently, companies have begun to realize that offering benefits also to consumers is an excellent loyalty strategy.

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Recruitment and selection

In recruitment and selection, attracting as many competent and engaged people as possible is a challenge for companies. This is because a qualified professional is in dispute in the market, being able to choose the best offer. Creating benefits such as study aid, discounts at stores and others is a way to attract the most DX Leads qualified and engaged professionals in the market. Company’s image The company’s image can be strength by several factors: communication , relationship with customers and employees, online presence, etc. The employer branding strategy helps to make people like working in the organization. An essential factor to stand out in the market. A strong culture and a harmonious organizational climate is very important to guarantee this quality and a positive image of the company. Think about it, you will surely remember a company you have never worked for.

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