Create A Foolproof Satisfaction Questionnaire

The insertion of pictograms, logos, badges and links in these strategic places allow the consumer to visualize them in a few seconds. For example, you can insert: a free withdrawal or return pictogram; a link to your legal notices, T&Cs, privacy policy, etc. ; a free delivery icon; a guarantee badge; a pictogram with your telephone number; un badge de certification ; a payment security badge, etc. Play the reinsurance card with PrestaShop modules If you want to boost your sales by reassuring your customers about the reliability and seriousness of your online store, turn to the PrestaShop Addons reinsurance modules .

This will allow you to create rich reinsurance blocks

To provide customers with all the information they need to drive conversion. As you will have understood, a purchase is not based solely on the quality of your product. The trust that the consumer will have in your brand is decisive. To create and maintain it, do not neglect the elements of reassurance! To boost your sales, also work on SEO by using Ukraine Mobile Number List the services of an agency specializing in the creation and management of Google Ads advertising campaigns .The 4 tips for creating an effective satisfaction questionnaire By Yves Attias – October 29, 2021 PrestaShop puffin unlocking ideas What would your e-commerce be without customers? Very little or nothing at all.

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To retain customers , they must be satisfied. This is where the satisfaction questionnaire comes in . What is his role ? What questions to ask? In what form DX Leads should it be sent to customers? Focus on a marketing tool to integrate into your strategy. What is an effective satisfaction questionnaire? A satisfaction questionnaire is a set of questions addressed to the consumer , in order to find out if he liked the product purchased and what could be interesting to modify. the X tips 1. Define an objective: why do a satisfaction survey? Perhaps it is useless to recall it, but let us underline it anyway: the customer is king . Without it, no purchase. Without purchase, there is no trade. A loyal customer is a satisfied customer. It is therefore essential to know what pleases the consumer and what displeases him.

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