Creating relevant content ​​what exactly does that mean

Create relevant content! This term is often used to define interesting, supported, concise, deep-seeing content, etc. but we forget to say the essential about what relevance means in terms of content; it is a question of answering perfectly to a need, a question, and this, in an explicit and easy to understand way. Relevance should not be confused with quality , where it is a question of knowing how to shape your content and make it attractive to your audience. What is relevant content? Relevance can be defined in different ways when it relates to content, because not all are created equal and not all have the same objectives. Long or short content can be relevant, like content that is only one line if we extrapolate. What is relevant content? We can thus qualify the relevance of a content by the logic it exposes and its legitimacy.

How to create relevant content

This is a more difficult point than it seems, because the vast majority of us all have to deal with several rules and expectations. Meet the needs of the Internet user and be able to Bahrain Phone Numbers List position themselves on search engines. Needless to say, one is more important than the other because it comes apart very quickly. Both points are important to consider! Content quality: content is king Here are the 2 angles to help you understand that content isn’t just about responding like an article in a magazine would, for example. On the Internet there are rules that you have to follow if you want to be found. If the expectations of the Internet user are more important than positioning themselves on the search engines , then good luck so that the Internet user finds your article and the answers you will provide.

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SEO (on Google) is the most important

Some swear by Google and do not consider Internet users and their searches. You can be in the top position on Google and not get a lot of traffic. You could be well reference with well-optimize content, but alas a little hollow. Consider that Google knows how to analyze content and thus judge whether it responds to DX Leads search queries. He therefore knows how to judge the relevance of content. So it is also not possible to consider only natural referencing . In addition, we do not mention here all the criteria on which Google relies to properly reference content . Creating relevant content means framing your subject and not deviating from it, meeting expectations perfectly. And of course optimizing it for search engines. We can thus see in passing. That the job of web editor is not just a simple role, too long compared to the journalist. These 2 professions are opposite if we look at them at the dawn of the 2000s.

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