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Technical tools Creating a .htaccess file – .htaccess generator. The htaccess file is use to modify the basic behavior of the server Apache , which can have an additional impact on SEO. By setting up your .htaccess file correctly, you can prevent the creation of unwante duplicates by setting up automatic redirection of URL addresses determine the default error page secure a specific directory with a password or perhaps prohibit access to the server from certain IP addresses The syntax is sometimes complicate, and if you’re looking for a tool that will make setting up your .htaccess file easier, reach for the generator.

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Of any evaluation of its performance for example, in Google Analytics . UTM parameters in the URL will help you measure campaigns correctly . And with UTM parameters in the URL, Google will help you directly thanks to its URL creation tool. Just enter the URL address of the link, fill in the basic data to measure source, medium, name and your URL Netherlands Phone Numbers List with UTM parameters is ready.  time to time you need to get data from websites that would take you a long time to mine manually. Examples can be data from Open Graph Facebook , getting a list of search results from Google, etc.

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The Scrape tool is free for basic use. You have to pay extra to use advance functions or the ability to scrap a large amount of data. Graphics Images Quick Image Editing – GIMP The free online tool serves very well as a replacement for DX Leads Adobe Photoshop for quick basic editing or perhaps merging images . If you’re a Windows user, the open-source tool GIMP will do just as well . Tool for creating infographics – If you need to prepare a quick yet good-looking infographic , then we recommend It contains a large number of templates from which everyone can choose.

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