Definitely understand what an internet provider is

According to the IBGE, the internet is already part of the lives of more than 80% of Brazilian homes. Connectivity is already part of people’s lives, who connect through smartphones, notebooks, computers or mobile tools. The internet has gone through many changes in recent years, changing speed and technologies. In this post, we will talk about what an internet provider is, how it works, which are the main ones available in Brazil and the difference for servers. What is an ISP? The internet provider, or Internet Service Provider (ISP) , is the intermediary that makes the internet reach the devices. It is a service promoted by specialized companies, which offer broadband internet with connections via cable, satellite, radio or fiber. These providers are true traces of technological evolution. For those who lived in the 90s, one of the first memories of connecting to the internet is those little noises from the dial-up internet… This connection also needed a provider, which made the connection between the residence and the access to the network. The provider is the company that offers internet plans to consumers, in addition to making them available.

What are the internet providers in Brazil

In the 90s, a series of companies began to emerge to make dial-up internet a reality in Brazilian homes. Among them, IG, UOL, Terra stood out and remained until today — reformulating themselves and conquering a different space in the market. The purpose of providers at that time was to offer protocols that Poland Phone Number List allowed the connection to the world wide web (the famous www). While phone companies delivered physical access to the internet. Currently, with internet operators, there are other ways to get people to connect — including wirelessly. Optical fiber, satellite or radio internet. In Brazil, major internet operators such as Claro Banda Larga, Tim Live or Vivo Fibra stand out. But there are also small providers that offer services located in more distant regions or municipalities. What is the difference between ISP and internet server? Some people use these words synonymously, but they are not. While internet providers are the operators and companies.

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Do I still need an ISP to connect to the internet

The performance of internet providers still exists, but it was subsumed by the activities of internet operators. In addition to performing the physical delivery of the network, these companies are responsible for all the functions that the providers promoted before. There is still dial-up internet in Brazil, but even for DX Leads them there is technology in regions with poor coverage, in which the telephone operator itself plays the role of an internet provider. In other words, in practice, internet providers still have their role, however, their concept has changed etiquette, becoming internet operators. What is SVA for ISPs? The acronym SVA stands for Value Added Service. These services are added to the customer’s package according to their interest. Today, due to the evolution of the telecommunication service and also as a strategic way to beat the competition, companies vary the benefits. VAS for ISPs range from antivirus, streaming audio and video services, cloud space, etc.

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