Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

It is true that one of the main learnings that we can learn in 2020 is the ability to adapt to constant change and instability. Even so, we bring you the list of digital marketing trends that we believe your buy usa mobile number brand cannot ignore in 2021. 6 Trends in Digital Marketing that you cannot miss in 2021eCommerce is the protagonist The digital transformation of commerce that we have experienced during 2020 will continue during the next year. Linked to eCommerce, in 2021 the following will also be consolidated:international trade. instant messaging to serve users. mobile payments or mobile payments, also promoting biometric identification through both fingerprint and voice.

Virtual and augmented reality

Channel diversification the rise of ecommerce. Will bring with it a diversification of distribution channels, for example. In the hospitality sector, more and more businesses will resort to take. Away and home deliveries . Other sectors that will join these trends. Are food and telemedicine. Show room although marketplaces have become. The quintessential place where the user looks for information. About the product, the showroom will become the new purchase format. The consumer will be able to see the products offline, in. Temporary or permanent “Exhibition” stores. But the purchase will have to be made online. In this way crowds are avoided. And the purchase is much more exclusive and personalized.

Mobile, applications and user experience

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Virtual and augmented reality Virtual and augmented reality are also becoming a trend again with the aim of personalizing the purchasing processes of each user, improving their experience and transforming deliveries. value content One of the top trends for 2021 is value content. Therefore, do not hesitate to use personalized ads and smart remarketing DX Leads campaigns in your marketing strategies. According to Cyberclick , the classic 4Ps of marketing will become the 5As next year: Contribute, help, anticipate, automate and adapt. the 5th marketing Mobile, applications and user experienceWe saw it during confinement and it will become evident during 2021. The mobile has become the quintessential device for users to connect, entertain themselves, get information and, above all, buy.

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