Discover 21 discount apps to generate savings on a daily basis

Who doesn’t like to buy good products or services for a cheaper price? It’s always good to receive a discount on the final price, and one of the ways to pay less is to use discount apps. There are several apps that provide coupons for their customers. These coupons are a special code that offers you a discount on a purchase. Each coupon has its own characteristics and usage rules. There are those, for example, for the first purchase made in the store, those aimed at a specific product or category, those available for a minimum purchase amount, and so on. But do you know which are these apps that offer coupons with attractive discounts? We created a list to present 16 options to make a good economy in everyday life. How to have a discount app for your company? Before thinking about creating a discount app, think about how it will impact your customers.

Food discount apps

Starting with the sector that has become a major current trend: apps to order food. You can also get a good discount with many of them. See below for the main ones. McDonald’s For those USA Phone Number List who like this great fast-food franchise, it is worth downloading the app because the discounts are very interesting. The McDonald’s app is available for both Android and iOS. With it you order your snack through the MacDelivery service and can access discount coupons. They are generated in the QR Code format and can be used in McDonald’s physical stores 2. iFood iFood has become a real rage in recent years. It is specific for you to order food for delivery. It is available for Android and IOS and offers a series of attractions for users, so among the discount apps it is one of which stands out for its diversity. On iFood there is already a category of restaurants that offer free delivery. You receive the food without paying any fees. It has offers every day, which offer interesting discounts to users.

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Discount coupon apps

Those who are always looking for the best value for money will really enjoy using the Cuponeria app. It is available in Android and IOS versions and has the advantage of showing establishments from all over Brazil to obtain a discount coupon of the most varied types. You can generate your discount coupons DX Leads completely free of charge. A list is created with the establishments that have active discounts and which also shows the type of discount offered. There’s no secret to using it: just click on “enjoy” and the coupon will be generated on the screen. Then, just present the code to pay a lower amount at the chosen establishment. 7. furry Pelando is another discount application that you can use to pay less for different types of product. Available for Android and iOS, this platform brings together in one place a wide variety of coupons for the most different types of product. There is no cashback available here, just a discount.

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