Diversify The Clientele Gift Cards Are Popular

With companies who like to offer them to their employees during the holidays, to their customers or to their suppliers. If you weren’t targeting the B2B target until now, the gift card may be an opportunity to diversify your clientele. Successfully sell your gift cards in 3 lessons Working. On the map design Although it is a dematerialized product, an e-commerce gift card must be well thought out. Don’t overlook any detail. The design must be in line with the universe of your brand or with the theme of the moment (Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.

The consumer’s shopping experience

Goes through the visual aspect , right down to the packaging of your card. Its beneficiary must indeed have the feeling of receiving a gift. Take care of the presentation, use a nice envelope, choose an original paper, perfume it. If it is an e-card , it must Kenya Mobile Number List be printable . A simple e-mail is not festive. Again, pay attention to detail. Think about the content In order for your gift card to sell, you need to pay special attention to the content, including in the title You can just call it gift card or gift voucher . If your card is published for a particular occasion (birthday, wedding, specific party, women’s card, men’s card, etc.), then indicate it precisely.

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When mentioning the value

This is of course the main element that should DX Leads not be forgotten! Both the buyer and the recipient must know the amount associated with the gift. It is useless to propose amounts that are too low. Start your cards at €20; Terms of Use Again, be specific. The user must know exactly under what conditions he can take advantage of his card shops concerned, period of validity, advice on using the reduction code for an online purchase, etc. Set shipping terms Once the customer has purchased the card, you need to determine how they will receive the voucher. As a rule, an e-mail is sent automatically . The recipient can then choose to forward the email to the person to whom he offers the card or to print it.

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