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If you want to make your brand be found by your customers on the internet, you need to check out the gift at the end of the text! Not to mention that SEMrush helps to find out which terms competitors have purchs on Google Ads , what is the monthly investment and volume of traffic obtaine in organic and sponsore results . Keyword Tools – SEMrush On the left side SEMrush shows occupie positions, on the right side information about ads We use the tool a lot! In the analysis of our customers, a case that stands out the most is that of ! Thanks to the graph generate by SEMrush, we can see the growth of organic words since the beginning of the project.

Keyword Tools – Cost of organic traffic

And comparison of keywords index by content from to The first blog article was publish in October . Since then, maintaining a frequency of publication and distribution of content, as well as seeking the continuous improvement of strategies, the results have appear. Click here so we can talk about how to use keywords to drive results! Carrying out Vietnam Phone Number List an in-depth study of the best keywords, we continue to create new content and improve existing ones. And guess what? Results keep showing up ! See below the update result after more than years of project Keyword Tools – Semrush Keywords position in the top positions practically double from October to June Keyword.

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In eight months to the number of keywords index

For content jump from thousand to thousand Another impressive figure is the cost of traffic, which went from R$ , to R$ , ! What does that mean? That adding data analysis + content quality, our work save the client a total of R$ thousand ! After all, if it were DX Leads necessary to pay to attract the same audience already conquer, this would be the amount need to be disburs. Do you want to use the power of keywords to make your business sell more? Click here and contact us! . Keyword Tool Keyword Tool generates keyword suggestions and works in languages ​​and Google domains.

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