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More landing pages among the best search engine results . In practical terms, it’s like ordering an Uber! Think with me you need to turn on your cell phone’s GPS for the driver to find you. With SEO , it works the same way. It is necessary to make improvements to the content of your page so that it can be more easily found by those who are doing a Google search . He understands? Through SEO techniques , then, it is possible to optimize the site so that it surpasses the others and is on the first page of Google results , drawing the attention of users with the most relevant content for their searches.

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To reach the top of Google and increase our sales by %? Click on the banner below! From to thousand visits per month Organic at the top of Google Difference between SEO and SEM Since one of my main goals here is to demystify SEO , first of all, we Belize Phone Number List need to clear up a little confusion that arises when we start studying the subject and come across another, very similar acronym SEM . Search Engine Marketing encompasses all marketing techniques aime at search engines, including sponsore links such as Google Ads . The big difference between them is that, while SEO focuses on reaching the user organically (that is, for free), SEM is base on paid media.

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So that your Digital Marketing strategy achieves better results! Paid Media and Organic Media a complete guide to reconciling the two Operation of Search Engines It is not news to anyone that the Internet has become a huge agglomeration DX Leads of websites , which grows more and more with the inclusion of tons of information . Every day, new markets, competitors and content emerge for the most varie interests and demands. And to facilitate the connection between people and this great mass of information, search engines emerge. For this, these search engines use algorithms that classify Internet pages according to a particular subject or keyword, pointing out the relevance of each page within a search.

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