The free way to find expired domain names

All SEOs will tell you: expired domain names have never been so popular and some of them can sometimes sell for several thousand euros. If you want to change the domain name for your WordPress site or capitalize on expired domains, learn how to find them for free. If you are interested in this lever, then you will have to go through paid methods to obtain relevant information on NDD . However, to take advantage of it is not always an easy task, and it is not uncommon to see some novice site editors spend entire weeks researching the perfect domain names . Choosing an expired domain name The stage of choosing a domain name is crucial: it can save you hours of work, or even waste a lot of time. It is no coincidence that more and more platforms on the web now offer expired domain names. It is a real time saver in research, and in some cases, you will be able to find the pearl rare.

Do a keyword search on Google

First, go to Google! Before doing a search, you will have to modify your parameters. By clicking on the toothed wheel at the top of the screen and then clicking on Search parameters. In this screen, choose Peru Phone Number List to display 100 results per page, instead of the usual 10. Then, do a search on the keyword you are looking for (such as “best community manager opinion” or “choose social media consultant” depending on your project) . You will then obtain many websites that position themselves on a keyword. Via a manual operation that will be quite tedious. Or with tools that are available for free online, retrieve the list of all the domains present. Do a keyword search on Google In order to save time and maximize your chances of finding expired domains that rank in Google , you can also use the “-site:” command. It will allow you to specify a known website address that ranks in Google results.

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Automatically filter domain names

Once you have retrieved this list of domain names, copy it and place it in a domain “parser”. Tool that will take care of identifying all the domains by removing. The parts of the URL that are not necessary, as well as duplicates. So a tool like this will turn into You will find several free DX Leads tools online, such as the CheapNames site, which offers a DomainParser page. By using this type of tool, you will limit the results of your list and you will be able to retrieve. Only the domain names to keep. Check availability of domain names. Once you have retrieved your list of domain names filtered via the “parser”. All you have to do is find available domain names. For that, it is useless to check them manually one by one: it will take too much time! Other free tools allow you to check the availability of hundreds of domain names with just a few clicks.

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