Find Out About The Required Dimensions

Which color will you choose How many Be sure to remember the hexadecimal codes of your shades, so as not to risk making a mistake. You will be asked for them in particular on the platforms; patterns : Would you like some patterns ? If yes, which ones ? Be careful not to overload your content; the type of images : Will they be photos or illustrations? Do you want to see people, landscapes, objects? ; the color of the images : Do you prefer black and white or color? Take note of your decisions, in order to have a small guide to your visual identity . This collection will be very useful if you decide to delegate the management of these visual elements to another person.

Create the logo A few basic principles

Should guide you in defining the characteristics of your logo: Simplicity : Know for example that you will need to have a miniature size logo variant. The favicon is a small icon that appears in the bookmarks bar of your internet browser. If your logo is complex, you can create a specific, more streamlined variant. The ideal is nevertheless, from the start, to think of Turkey Mobile Number List your logo under the sign of simplicity. Some PrestaShop modules allow you to generate favicons ; the use of common symbols or conventions : You will need to determine whether you want to use shapes, colors or signs that symbolize your industry. Will you turn to green for a company selling organic cosmetics? Will you choose a brush design for a store that sells craft supplies? ; the use of online services or applications.

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Creating a logo does not require you

To master PhotoShop. There are indeed many online services that can help you create your logo for free. Work on branding on social media platforms DX Leads Nowadays, the marketing strategy of an e-commerce site cannot do without communication work on social networks . It may even be exclusively through this that you make yourself known at first. Depending on the industry in which you work, you may not immediately need a website. The consistency that has been your key word throughout the creation of your visual identity must remain the rule once on social networks. All the elements that make it possible to recognize your brand must indeed be there. Each of your visual content must be perfectly sized , for each of the platforms used.

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