Understand what SVA is how it works for internet providers

Offering additional services already on sale are strong incentives for the purchase of plans. Understanding what SVA (Value Added Service) is has become a major competitive differentiator for internet providers . With the market increasingly competitive, whoever has the best price or the best offer wins. In the latter case, SVAs are the “little stars” of the business. In this article, we will delve deeper into what SVA is and how your ISP can become irresistible after offering this service. What is SVA? Imagine subscribing to an internet plan and earning document storage on some cloud server? Or hire an internet provider and have access to a personalized perks club !! SVA is an acronym that stands for Value Added or Added Service. In other words, they are services that can be added after contracting the main service. And it is by far an advantage for the customer who wants to save or acquire some advantage when contracting a subscription plan.

What is SCM

The SCM (Multimedia Communication Service) is the service that facilitates the transmission, emission and reception of information. The nomenclature encompasses mobile and fixed telephony Belgium Phone Number List and even any connection made to the internet. The truth is that without the SCM there would not be this global connection that exists today. More illustratively, for you to send a message to someone, there needs to be a complex network infrastructure. In our federation, the service is regulated and inspected by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) and, therefore, is subject to the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS). This is the main service that the customer hires to have access to the internet, thus, a telecommunications service. What is the difference between SVA and SCM? Both are linked to the same purpose of providing more customer interactivity. However, SCM is the primary telecommunication service that allows the internet signal.

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Who regulates VAS for internet providers

We have already seen that in the case of SCM it is Anatel that regulates and supervises the service. In the case of the SVA, it does not need Anatel’s approval to function because it is not necessarily a telecommunications service. And because it only applies federal taxes, it becomes very attractive for companies that DX Leads want to show their differentials to the consumer. Through an SVA, the company can optimize its rates, offering services that bring cashback, for example. Why can SVA be a competitive differentiator? No matter the size of the company, they all want to get ahead and show competitive advantages. And, increasingly, the search to increase the customer base brings new ideas and more value to the market in which they operate. Internet providers are insert in a market that coexists with recurring complaints regarding the quality of service: connection to the network, for example.

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