For This Reason, You Must Indicate On Your Product Sheet

The mention sales or sale product Sale and non-sale products must indee be distinguishe. You can use a special banner or create a dedicate tab; the reference price of the product, i.e. the non-sale price. It must be cross out; the sale price; the percentage reduction; the start and end dates of the sales. Which reference price to choose? To apply your reduction, you must necessarily start from a reference price. You have two choices in this regard the lowest price you have charge for this product before selling it; the price recommend by your network or supplier, if it is even lower.

Advertising is it possible during the sales

You have every right to advertise your discounts . However, you will need to be sure to indicate the start and end dates of the operation; the products concerne, unless all of your products are concerne. Do the warranty rules change during the sales? The fact that a product is on sale does not exempt you from offering all the usual guarantees to your Algeria Mobile Number List customers . It is therefore prohibite to display the words not taken back, not exchange ; to remove or shorten the withdrawal period. If there is no lack of conformity , the online merchant is however not require to accept the exchange or refund of the item. Is selling at a loss authorize during sales? Sales are the only times you are allowed to sell a product at a loss.

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Selling at a loss consists of selling

A product at a lower price than the price at which you bought it. What do you risk if you do not comply with sales regulations? These rules may seem restrictive to you. Do not try to circumvent them, however, because you may regret it. A breach DX Leads of the rules on advertising exposes you, for example, to the payment of a fine of 1,500 euros, or even 7,500 euros for legal persons. With regard to sale products , non-compliance with the regulations can lead you to pay between 15,000 and 75,000 euros in fines. Succeed in your sales with PrestaShop modules Do you want to succeed in your operation? Discover the many modules of PrestaShop Addons for inventory management, creation of promotional campaigns, programming of discounts or creation of promotional banners.

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