For Your Inbound Marketing Strategy To Be Successful

It is important to talk not only about the topics of common interest between your company and the persona, but also about the content format that they most like to consume and the channel they are most on . Instagram is one of the most used social networks worldwide , with Brazil ranking third among the countries with the highest number of active accounts! Active Instagram accounts by country Countries with the most active Instagram accounts- Source Statista This means that more than half of the Brazilian population is on Instagram and accesses it every day. By the way, the usage time is also impressive in Brazil, the daily average is h , occupying once again the third place among the countries that spend the most time on this social network. Do you see where we’re going with all this.

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Instagram , now is the time to start creating content in the most diverse formats at your disposal image, carousel, Reels, Stories. and take advantage of all this in an Inbound Marketing strategy ! How to do Inbound Marketing on Instagram? Step zero should Croatia Phone Number List be understanding and defining what is the top, middle and bottom of the funnel for your business. Then, create editorial lines that will work all stages of this funnel within the social network. After all, just like any other Digital Marketing channel , Instagram can also be used to increase your followers’ awareness of your product or service throughout the purchase journey! Buying Journey Complete Guide to Creating Your Buyer Persona . Define your persona.

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The persona is the representation

Of your ideal customer and, as I mentioned before, the application of Inbound Marketing depends on recognizing the interests, preferences and other DX Leads characteristics of your persona . That way, you’ll be able to talk to the right person in the right way, increasing your sales results as a result. Tip Persona and target audience understand the main differences . Attract followers with good content Instagram is, first and foremost, a visual social network . Therefore, one of the great secrets to succeed in it is to invest in a good design of publications and an intelligent and thought-provoking copy (caption). In this sense, what you can do is take advantage of the content produced for your blog , for example, just to adapt them to the content formats of Instagram and other social networks of your brand.

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