Forecasts and Opportunities for Retail-Fashion during COVID-19

As the news continues to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, marketers are facing one of the most difficult moments in history: finding the right strategy and opportunities to overcome this aged medicare leads situation. In the following article we delve into facts and opportunities for Fashion Retailers during this period. In 2019, the fashion business was valued at $1.3 Trillion and is forecast to reach $1.5 Trillion by the end of this year. COVID-19, however, has brought the industry to a complete halt with most physical stores closed and major industry events cancelled.

The time for Brand Awareness has come!

Retailers are suffering a severe setback but they must focus their campaigns on Brand Awareness strategies . Clothing and luxury items are considered emotional purchases and consumers will become interested again when the initial shock subsides. Also, when this situation is over and things start to normalize, consumers are likely to return en masse to stores and brands will want to be on the Top of Mind of consumers. In the US and Europe, retailers and stores have closed their doors either by mandate or voluntarily. Use Your CRM to Generate High-Quality Leads In the age of digital marketing, CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) has become a vital ally in all marketing operations.

Fashion goes online

aged medicare leads

Taking into account the aforementioned forecasts. Fashion brands should continue to invest in facebook. And instagram, and it is also a good time to enter other platforms. Such as snapchat and tiktok, since the. Audiences in this period are much larger. So it’s time to. Replace conversion campaigns with branding campaigns to get more brand reach. One of the factors that exacerbates this impact. Is the fact that much of the manufacturing and design of garments. Is carried out in china DX Leads and italy, two of the most affected countries. Whether it’s a big company or a small company, it’s no longer possible to manage databases alone because with a good CRM system, the likelihood of managing your leads to close more deals increases. The truth is that CRM can help you increase your sales.

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