Freelance consultant or SEO agency which to choose

Have you ever thought about entrusting the natural referencing of your site to a specialized service provider? If so, you probably know that there are two types of specialists: freelance SEO consultants and SEO agencies . Today, the objective of this post is that you can clearly identify and understand these two providers, and that you can know which profile best suits your needs. What are the similarities between these two providers? If you do not yet know who to choose between the independent consultant or the SEO agency , it is surely because these providers share a lot of similarities, indeed: choose between the independent consultant or the SEO agency They optimize your website for search engines Their main objective is obviously the same: to ensure that your site is perfectly optimized for search engines, more particularly Google, so that it goes up in their search results pages. They are experts and specialized in SEO.

A price difference

This is surely the first reason why some people prefer to work with a freelancer rather than an agency: the price of the service. Very often, the price of SEO support by a freelancer will be lower than that provided by an agency. Obviously, many factors explain this difference, such as the remuneration of employees Georgia Phone Number List the taxes paid by the agency, its margin and price policy, etc. Different processes… but also similar As said before, these two SEO specialists optimize the 3 pillars of SEO. However, their processes may vary. Indeed, the processes (deliverables, presentations, etc.) of a freelancer will generally be less extensive than those of an agency. However, this does not mean that the work of the freelancer will be less effective from an SEO point of view! The freelancer often doesn’t have the time or the staff to create beautiful power point presentations, for example. The internal tools of an SEO agency Beyond the processes themselves.

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The price of SEO support

In terms of budget it is also important to compare the SEO agency to the SEO consultant. Let’s see how much a service costs on average in these two cases. How much does an SEO agency service cost? In general and over the year, an SEO agency service will cost between €10,000 and €100,000, depending. On your DX Leads needs and the prices charged by the company you have in front of you. In order to obtain clearer information on this subject, I invite you to request quotes from the agencies that interest you, or to discuss prices directly with them. What is the price of an SEO consultant support? If you decide to work with an independent SEO consultant , be aware. That the price range will certainly be lower, with an annual service that can start in the 5,000€ for the lowest rates. For more information on this, see this page .

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