Guide to Adopt Ugc Solutions Today

Looking at research from solid sources, Nielsen indicates that brand-owned websites are the second most trusted advertising format after buyer recommendations. Forrester corroborates it. If we add both studies, it is clear that the recommendations of buyers on the brand website are relevant for sales. Of course, as with everything, you have to France number phone do it right. The advantage of a UGC solution is that it is quickly actionable, that is, if it is done today it will help the numbers of Black Friday and even the quarter.

Make a list of the touchpoints and KPI’s where it would add value

Some suggestions:

  • Aspirational photos on the home page of the website to improve engagement and time on page.
  • Photos of people carrying your product on the PDP (product page) to improve both Conversion Rate and Average Order Value.
  • Photos of the last event on your blog to improve loyalty and stickiness.
  • Attractive photos in your newsletter to improve the opening percentage and the CTR.
  • Photos in your inbound campaign to improve lead acquisition and lower cost per acquisition.
  • Photos on topic pages to lower the bounce rate.
  • Photos in your presentations to improve insights value.
  • Photos in ad campaigns to improve reach or performance.
  • or all at once to improve Customer Lifetime Value…

Focus on the objective: engagement, sales or both

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Do a simple search: followers and volume of mentions. If the volume is low, take the opportunity to grow by making an impact with a gallery of the best aspirational photos. If the volume is high, capitalize on them with galleries showing people enjoying your product and pitch them to the PDP. And if you want to do both, you can make multiple DX Leads galleries of each.  Many companies offer wonderful web tools, but then the effort to install, manage and maintain is yours. Keep that in mind when choosing! When you buy a plane ticket, the plane comes with the pilot, you don’t have to learn to fly yourself. Because you don’t buy a plane ticket, you buy to go to Paris.


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