Have you heard of the art of tearing paper?

Layered tearoff design techniques create surreal, eyecatching social media posts. To recreate this unique way of creating double exposures, color palettes, and more, watch the video tutorial and follow our stepbystep instructions. When you share your finished product, be sure to use steps to make a torn paper design in meitu xiuxiu 1. Tear paper double exposure image.Png 1. Open a photo in the meitu xiuxiu editor. 2. Apply a tearoff graphic of your choice on the image. 3. With the graphic selected, go to add image to select the second photo that appears on the tear sheet. 4. Select your photo. 5. Crop and adjust photos from graphic palette. 2. Use tear paper to make a palette image.Png 1. Open the photo from which you want to extract the palette colors.

Create abstract patterns 

Apply a tearoff graphic of your choice on the image. 3. With philippines photo editor the graph selected from the graph palette, use the eyedropper tool to change the inner color. 4. Note that your color shows the sixdigit hex code. Copy it. Add this to your palette by going to the text tab and adding a text box. Paste the hex code into the text box and adjust. 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to get as many colors as possible to include in the palette. 3. image.Png 1. Open a blank canvas in meitu. 2. Apply the tearoff graphic to the canvas. Dont be afraid to layer 3. Adjust the color and size from the graphics palette.

philippines photo editor

Create a Landscape or Horizon

Choose a background color to complete your DX Leads design. 4. Make a tearoff paper quote image.Png 1. Open a blank canvas in meitu. 2. Tear paper graphics with layers spanning the canvas. 3. Change each graphic layer to white and add shadow effects. 4. Add text to the design. 5. Optional move each line of text partially behind the paper layer. 6. Add a second layer of text in a different font on the torn paper. Erase overlapping parts. 7. Repeat steps 46 for each torn layer of paper.  Image.Png 1. Open a blank canvas in meitu. 2. Layer the tearoff graphics and basic shape graphics to span the canvas. 3. Add stock photos or textures from the left tab to enhance your designs. 4. Add a layer of text.

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