Here Is An Average Estimate By Type Of Business

Maintenance costs There’s another type of cost that you don’t always think about when calculating the price of a website: maintenance costs. But you should know that an online store is only useful if it is well configure . Without it, bugs and other technical errors could cost you dearly (by causing you to miss sales). Furthermore, without backups and updates of the content of your store, you run the risk of losing the data it contains. This is why you should not forget to regularly maintain your e-commerce site. If you prefer, know that a web agency can also do it for you.

More than corrective maintenance

You will have to plan for evolutionary maintenance for all the new modules to come, the management of flows between your carrier your FTP, the new legal obligations (cookie, repairability index, etc.) What is the price of a PrestaShop store in the end? To UK Mobile Number List calculate the price of a PrestaShop store , you have to put many elements together, each more variable than the other depending on your preferences, your nees and your willingness to delegate or not certain aspects. For a TPE without complicated connectors or development: from €10,000 with a silver or gold certified agency For an SME: between €20 and €40,000 with a gold or platinum agency For a large company: from €45,000 with a platinum agency How to meet the expectations of your customers.

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Thus the price of a Presta Shop site

Can start at around 3,000 euros provide you have technical knowledge and are in the project launch phase. The most advance PrestaShop stores can DX Leads cost several tens of thousands of euros (or even more), especially if there are additional services provide over time with web agencies (referencing and technical maintenance in particular). The site’s ecosystem and flow management (ERP, PIM, etc.) also play a major role in the final price: Is it a multi-store? Is there multicurrency? But to reach these prices, you are surely already making more than 50 orders / day. To give you an idea of ​​the price ranges for the creation of a tailor-made e-commerce site via PrestaShop with a specialize PrestaShop agency.

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