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Increasing the attraction of customers interested in your product and who trust the brand: is it possible? Not only is it possible, the Member get Member shows strategies applicable to various segments. In this post, you will learn how to drive customer attraction with Member get Member. business strategy that has leveraged important companies through the referral of their own customers. What is member get Member? The Member get Member is a Referral Marketing strategy, in which your company’s customer earns some kind of benefit by referring the company’s services or products to other people, thus increasing the customer base. The opinion of family members and influencers generates influence on people’s decision when doing business with a company. Therefore, encouraging this indication through a strategy that brings advantages to those who nominate is attractive. If a person is already thinking about referring your company to someone — just for the business experience.

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No company likes to lose customers and they look for creative ways to get around this situation. In Brazil, companies such as Uber, Airbnb and Starbucks offer the referral strategy to increase the customer base that, potentially, believe in the relevance of the company. The Member get Member strategy makes UK Phone Number List someone who was already a customer even more loyal to the brand, because, when receiving a bonus for this action, he seeks to receive more and more advantages. In this model, everyone ends up winning: company, old and new customers. According to a Nielsen survey, about 92% of respondents say they fully trust referrals from a friend or family member, above any other form of advertising; while 68% of consumers trust online recommendations and reviews and 77% of them feel compelled to buy a new product when they discover it through word of mouth recommendation. brand ambassadors Member get Member helps transform your customers into active sales members and true brand ambassadors.

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Customer retention is a concern that directly affects the company’s profit and financial health. A company with a high rate of contract cancellation cannot have financial predictability and, therefore, has difficulties in tracing growth paths. MGM enhances customer retention by showing that the company counts on them DX Leads to value the brand. In addition to knowing how to compensate this affection with the company through discounts and advantages. How to apply Member get Member in the company? To implement the MGM in your company, it is important to have your business structure prepared to run the rewards program . Know your audience well Carry out a well-structured planning with company members to align relevant information. It is through this conversation that you will be able to better decipher who your company’s persona is. Know preferences, age, gender, habits and demographics to design the loyalty program.

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