How to create photos that attract your audience, a must-have for everyone!

We think photo overlays are great things, and you should too whether. You want to create a very stylish graphic design or add stickers to your photos, meitu xiuxius versatile photo resources can help. While some people associate photo overlays with stickers or clip art, at meitu we now call them graphics. Whatever name you prefer, this tutorial is all about showing you how to make photo overlays that will wow any audience. Lets go after it. 1. How to make photo overlays for all skill levels learning how to create photo overlays in the meitu xiuxiu editor is fun and easy. Just click the graphics tab shape icon on the left toolbar.

Use Your Photo Overlays in Templates

From there, youll find tons of options in our different photo background removing groups of graphic overlays, from classic shapes to artistdrawn multicolored candies like flowers and whiskers. 2. How to create a rocky photo overlay l to add a graphic to your design canvas or photo, just select it and voila it shows up on the image immediately. Ldrag the graphic to reposition it. L to resize a graphic while maintaining its aspect ratio, simply pull its corner handles or sides to make it larger, or pull it closer to make it smaller. L to change the aspect ratio of a photo overlay, press the shift key on your keyboard while pushing or pulling on its sides.

photo background removing

Why use photo overlays?

If you change your mind, rightclick the graph and DX Leads select original aspect ratio. L use the layers panel on the right to control how text and graphic elements are layered in your design. Lflip the graph horizontally or vertically by clicking the horizontal and vertical flip buttons on the graph tools menu. Rotate left or right 45 degrees at a time by clicking the rotation arrows. Luse the graphics tools menu to change the color of the photo overlay.

Click the circular color icon on the left to explore different colors, enter hex. Codes, or use the eyedropper tool to extract colors from images and create branded palettes. Rainbow colors are preassigned colors that you can choose from. 3. Mixed mode in meitu xiuxiu, etc. Meitu xiuxius photo overlay graphics also feature fade and blend options. Fade adjusts opacity, blend affects transparency. Ultimately, these tools change the way graphics interact with the elements behind them.

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