How To Create A Size Guide To Improve The Customer Experience

By Yves Attias – December 20, 2021 How to satisfy an increasingly seasoned and demanding consumer? Do you sell clothes online ? If you haven’t already designed a size guide, now is the time to get started! It is indeed an essential tool of the e-merchant for the visitor of the online store. Why is it essential to offer a size guide ? How does he present himself? What are the steps for creating this document? Zoom on the contours of the perfect size guide! What is a size guide? A size guide is a document made available to the consumer. In which the different sizes that you offer are placed next to the corresponding measurements.

What are the measurements

That can be found in a size guide collar size ; chest size ; waist circumference ; hip length; waist size ; inseam length; foot length, etc. The size guide must also offer the equivalent in international sizes , so that Internet users around the world can buy Ecuador Mobile Number List their items with complete peace of mind. Unless they are specialized in a sex or an age, e-commerce sites selling clothing, fashion items or shoes benefit from designing a specific size guide for women, men and women. children . Why is a size guide interesting for the customer? While a few years ago, consumers were reluctant to buy clothes on the Internet, the trend has changed significantly.

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An ever-increasing choice of products

Access to certain items not available in physical stores, attractive promotional offers, the convenience of home delivery, the possibility of turning to DX Leads Click & Collect, reassuring return policies, all these elements have worked in favor of the development of e-commerce . Consumers who are still cautious highlight the inconvenience of not being able to try the items that interest them. They point out the risk of ordering an item that is too small or too large, without then being able to exchange it easily. It is true that the differences in measurements between the sizes of different brands are sometimes enormous. For the Internet user, the choice of size is the most important element when buying online.

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