How To Make A Digital Marketing Plan In Your Company

The Google algorithm , the main search engine today, uses three processes to carry out this survey and deliver the information to users. Take a look Tracking The first of these is crawling , the process by which Googlebot identifies new pages to submit them to the search engine results list. To perform this action, robots use algorithms to determine prioritization and indexing frequency . Googlebot visits each of the pages, checks for new links or changes , and submits them for indexing , updating your information. indexing Here is where the magic happens.

Indexing is the next process in which

Googlebot performs the analysis and processing of all new as well as change pages, including all of them in its index. Information about the site’s content , its publication date, title, description, performance, region and structure data is indexe. Taking advantage of this, I also want to indicate to you the Masterclass I did on indexing techniques to improve the Benin Phone Number List positioning of your content on Google indexing techniques to accelerate your content marketing results Search Finally, we have the third process, the search itself. As you may have notice, it does not occur directly on the Internet , but in an index by Google itself . It is possible that the pages list no longer exist or have been change, as it takes a while for updates to occur.

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Google Algorithm Update As competition

For a good search engine positioning only increases, Google needs to constantly update its algorithms, and in recent years it has been further improving its indexing tactics to present the best results to users. The latest updates focuse on mobile devices , such as DX Leads cell phones, starting to consider the responsiveness of websites an important factor for ranking . The last update carrie out is relate to the relevance of the sites and their contents the quality of the page has also become a ranking factor. Later on, I’ll talk about all of this in more detail! Learn right now the step by step to make your own Digital Marketing plan ! Click on the banner! What are SEO Positioning Factors? While Google doesn’t disclose which factors are most relevant to their crawling and indexing algorithms , we do know that there are over.

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