How User Generated Content (Ugc) is 42% More Effective for Sales

User-generated content is 42% more effective than branded content and has  6.9x higher engagement than your own brand messaging. We’ve seen these two stats in previous articles, and also how using UGC is an absolute must to increase engagement and increase conversion rate in social media advertising. We have also done extensive research in order to create a variety of useful articles on the subject of UGC, articles such as the benefits of user generated content where we examine these benefits, the basics, what it is and how it can help you; not only in the creation and adjustment of current campaigns, but also for future campaigns.

Credibility and authenticity

User-generated content establishes greater trust between customer and brand. It is real and honest content that the potential customer can trust, since it is not proprietary to the brand but is based on the experience that other users have had with the products.  Insights into the type of content that users (or target audiences) love to engage UK business email list with is invaluable. Audience feedback coupled with unique social media positioning as well as other aspects to consider such as UGC acquisition and filtering(we can’t just take any picture we like) is extremely useful information no matter where you are in terms of context and implementation of UGC. Here we present more detailed information, useful to understand not only the topic and why it is important, but also how to implement UGC in your own marketing campaigns.


More traffic and more conversions

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Traffic is a very important KPI for marketers, but there needs to be conversion for that traffic to be effective. Earlier we highlighted authenticity as a benefit of UGC and it is precisely a type of content DX Leads that serves as “social proof” for potential consumers. In other words, the content generated by the user speeds up the purchase process, thus increasing the conversions of your brand.

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