However, Your Sales Are Not Taking Off

Ten tips for creating effective CTAs By Yves Attias – December 9, 2021 – schedule 5 minutes Here are 10 tips to boost your sales by working on conversion, thanks to cleverly thought out calls to action! Are you struggling to convert visitors to your online store ? There are many possible explanations. In particular, it is possible that you are not inciting enough to action. How to create good CTAs? Here are 10 tips to boost your sales and your conversion rate , thanks to cleverly thought out calls to action ! What is a CTA? A CTA or call to action is a message directly inviting the visitor to your online store to perform a specific action , in particular to buy your products.

It is not a sentence extolling the strengths

Of your articles and seeking to convince the prospect, in a subtle way, to place your products in his basket. The CTA is a clear and direct marketing formulation , the objective of which is to encourage the visitor to take a new step, thus advancing him in his customer journey, until the purchase. Marketing professionals distinguish between two types Estonia Mobile Number List of CTA direct CTAs , whose objective is to move the prospect to purchase Add to cart , Buy now , etc. ; transitional CTAs , which often occur at the start of the journey Subscribe to the newsletter , Watch this video , etc. How can good CTAs help you sell your products? Your market research is encouraging and you know that there is a demand for your products.

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You have spent hours designing

Your online store and you find the architecture DX Leads and design successful? Your SEO on Bing or Google is on point, and you regularly publish articles on your blog? Google Analytics reports show that your e-commerce site traffic is dense? It is therefore a conversion problem . Several avenues may explain this phenomenon. You may not be highlighting your products enough or your product sheets may be incomplete. It is also likely that you are not guiding the visitor enough. You must consider the latter as a child to whom you must show the way by taking him by the hand.

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