If The Potential Buyer Cannot Provide An Immediate Response

He will then move on The FAQ is an interesting tool in that it allows you to provide a large number of searchable answers with a single click. These are of course the most frequently aske questions. Common topics coverd include: payment methods ; shipping charges ; the delivery time ; exchange and return conditions; assembly advice; user tips; maintenance advice, etc. The FAQ is a guarantee of seriousness for the visitor. They feel considere, which helps to develop or strengthen their confidence in the brand. 5. Highlight customer reviews Another element of reassurance, customer reviews and comments.

Many consumers buy only after consulting

The feedback of other customers. If they can’t find it on your online store, they’ll look for the information elsewhere. The simple fact that customer testimonials are publishd demonstrates that your products exist. It is therefore preferable to highlight the Africa Mobile Number List comments , advice, criticism and thanks of consumers who have purchase your products. They should be on both your homepage and product listings. Worried that negative reviews will hurt you? This type of comment will not always be perceivd as such by a potential buyer, providd that you have responde to the customer’s remark by showing your consideration and your willingness to remedy the problem.

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Bet on trust marks The presence

Of certain labels on your e-commerce site are indisputably elements of reassurance. Third – party badges indeed indicate that your online store is legitimate. Here are some examples of trustmarks : the SSL label Secure Sockets Layer : It indicates the DX Leads presence of a secure connection between the web server and the browser. In this way, visitor data is normally protected against misappropriation; ISO certifications ; value labels , of the organic or vegan label type, etc. 7. Think about the privacy policy If transparency is to be the key word in your quest for reassurance, you must apply it in particular to the processing of data . The visitor must indee know: how you are able to ensure the confidentiality of customers’ personal information ; what security standards are use for payment. 8. Inform the customer about the delivery.

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