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Close questions The close question calls for a yes, no or maybe answer . Once again, the instruction is simple, the execution fast. Here is an example of a close question: Do you plan to order again from our online store? Yes No Maybe . To help you better understand customer response, consider adding a text box . Open questions They are the ones that are of most interest to an online merchant . The open question indee calls for longer developments, an argument, a debate. By asking customers to write a rich response, you are sure to obtain information that will allow you to develop your products , your site, your business. Here is an example of an open-end question.

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You like to find on our e-commerce site? The open question, on the other hand, has the immense disadvantage of asking customers to devote time to Venezuela Mobile Number List your questionnaire and forcing them to write. You will therefore get fewer responses. Their wealth, however, will surely make up for their small numbers. The ideal solution? The best solution is of course the one that is adapt to your objective . allowing you to evolve, open questions are to be prefer, even in small numbers. In most cases, however, it seems more relevant and efficient to combine close questions, scale questions or MCQs , and insert a text box alongside. It is a solution that gives verbose customers the opportunity to express their opinion.

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You reach more customers and keep everyone happy. Not bad for a satisfaction survey! 3. Send: when to send the questionnaire The important thing is DX Leads not just to create an effective customer questionnaire, but to send it at the right time , so that it is read, complet and sent back. The satisfaction survey can be conduct on several occasions: after a customer’s first purchase , to show how attentive you are to the consumer’s opinion. In case of dissatisfaction, you can in this way prevent the customer from turning to the competitor and manage to retain him thanks to your responsiveness. Allow a few days to pass before sending the questionnaire to the customer, so that the latter has had time to use the product; after a prolong period of inactivity of a customer.

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