If You Have One Image For Multiple Products

Product labels step on the gas That no one reads the captions? Read! Customers come across them in Heureka’s full-text search, and Google also sees them with Seznam, so expand it. Under the tag , enter the most relevant description of the product at least characters . Avoid statements like free shipping or special promotion and focus mainly on the product specification so that everyone knows what it is about. Images and videos in your polished offering Send the main image of the product under the. The image must be universal and must not contain a watermark or other embedded advertising text, otherwise it will be blocked.

The Image Address Max

Always use one and the same URL yes, the URL can be repeated . Heureka recommends a minimum image size of at least , pixels, which is approximately . If you are advertising at the same time on, unify the size of the images to at least pixels, so that Mexico Phone Number List you can send the same image to both comparators. You can send additional images via the. But be careful here, if you don’t have other images, you don’t need to deal with them at all, they won’t help the tuning of the XML feed in any way. On the contrary – if you have a video about your product, be sure to send it to the XML feed under the.

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Characters Must Not Contain Spaces

You can impress the customer very well with a nice video. Parameters – mandatory and optional equipment You do not need to send the parameters DX Leads of your product under the <PARAM> tag , i.e. color, weight, size, distribution, material, etc. immediately. But if you don’t send them, Heureka can’t display your product in the filtering, so? Send the parameters of your product immediately! You will be included in the filtering and therefore you will be in the eyes of potential customers even when filtering products.

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