Website creation what is the impact of design

Web design is not just about graphics, it plays a crucial role in the operation of a website as well as in its practicality, not to mention the user experience. Natural referencing , creation of brand image traffic, conversion rate, brand affinity, e-reputation are important elements to take into account. The way you will shape the design of your website, whatever its nature, can indeed affect its digital presence but also the performance of its business. A well-thought-out web design can indeed make all the difference. So how important is design in creating websites? What is web design? The interface is the end of the web design process. However, beyond graphic design and user interface, also known as UI design (User Interface design), it also includes that of user experience or UX design (User eXperience design). We can therefore define web design as a discipline that consists of imagining, designing.

Web design builds trust in the website

Carefully thought out and based on a well-crafted strategy, web design will not fail to establish a relationship of trust between your company and your various visitors. According to a study, it only takes a visitor a few seconds to judge the website he is browsing. The design of your site is the first element Tongliao Phone Number List that allows you to make a difference in a fraction of a second. This way, you instantly trust every visitor who comes across one of your pages . If the first impression is very important in everyday life, it is even more so on the web. Generally, when a visitor arrives on your site, before going any further, he will start by analyzing your web design globally. If he judges that the latter is “sloppy”, he will move on. On the contrary, if he falls in love with your design, he will think that your site is reliable and professional.

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Web design helps improve your SEO ranking

By attaching particular care to your web design, you are choosing to seduce search engines. The objective is to propel your website to the first page of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). Even to bring it to the first position of Google organic results, or at least the top 3. To put it simply, web design and SEO is DX Leads undoubtedly the winning duo for a successful site. And a successful positioning in the SERPs. Indexing robots particularly like websites with a responsive design and therefore optimized to become Mobile First. Are also favored sites focused on the user experience, that is to say, ergonomic, usable, accessible. Displaying a design that is as coherent as it is harmonious, intuitive and whose page loading speed is fast. The various elements (site architecture, page tree structure, page layout, graphics, texts, input fields, cursors, videos, buttons …) to improve user interaction with the web interface while ensuring.

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