Understand why customer loyalty is so important for the company

Many companies make heavy investments to ensure that customer attraction is strong. They often fail to answer a very simple question for the company’s growth and profitability: why retain customers? Customer loyalty consists of strategies that help to strengthen the relationship with active customers, keeping them motivated to do business with the company. Understanding the importance and how to measure customer loyalty is essential to articulate sales and marketing plans and strategies. Why is customer loyalty so important? There are several reasons to start doing the job of retaining customers , reinforcing loyalty. We have separated three interesting data to present: acquiring a new customer can be 5 to 25 times more expensive ; an average customer spends 67% more in their third year doing business with the company.

Get to know your customers better

Loyal customers are closer to those that the company considers “ideal”. Track preferences, consumption habits and choices that help create the ideal profile for your strategies. The more “ideal customers” you can attract, the better the chances of having a positive financial return and increasing the company’s India Phone Number List profit. promote the brand Customers who become brand loyal are almost ready to become true promoters of the company. With the right incentive, they can act on word of mouth marketing, impacting other people to buy the company’s products and services. increase profit Okay, we’ve come to the point that every company always wants more and more: ways to increase profitability. Customer loyalty is important because it makes the active customer return more and more to make new purchases. In addition, customers are always interested in learning.

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Create a Brand Lover Community

Brand Lover is an English term for brand aficionados. These people generate authority and add value to the company. This consumer becomes a true defender of the brand, and can even defend them from criticism from others. How to measure customer loyalty in your company? Tracking customer engagement DX Leads with your brand helps measure loyalty. There are metrics that help to gauge the dimension of this relationship. As well as mechanisms and resources to advance this issue. The main metrics for measuring customer loyalty in your company are: Net Promoter Score; Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT); Lifetime Value (LTV); Loyalty can reduce customer loss . An important strategy to help with this loyalty is the loyalty program through a benefit club . Receive quality feedback The best way to learn better about the quality of the service/product offer.

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