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Outbound Marketing is that, by integrating with Inbound Marketing , the customer arrives at your sales team more educated about what they really need and with a broader perspective than your company can offer. This shortens the negotiation time and increases the number of sales ! As a result, your company reduces spending on attracting and retaining customers . After all, it is not enough just to convince the customer to close a deal, it is necessary to think of actions that make them have the best possible experience when purchasing one of your products or services.

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Pieces together with Inbound Marketing in the following video, made by my partner, Lauro Becker As you have seen, to turn customers into promoters delighted by your company, who do not buy from you just once, Inbound Marketing allows you to exceed their expectations with personalized content that remains relevant even after the sale Lauro Bahamas Phone Number List Backer Inbound Marketing ‘s work doesn’t end when you make the first sale, it always continues. It’s a big mistake to squander that potential, always selling to new customers, if you have a customer base at home. Lauro Becker – COO of Organica Integrate Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing with Organic! Outbound and Inbound Marketing strategies can work together — and that only brings benefits to the business.

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For years, Orgânica Digital has combined the power of these two strategies in a Y-shaped sales funnel. To find out what level of maturity your company’s strategy is at — or what to do to get started —, request our free Digital Marketing diagnosis! Organic DX Leads sales service Do you want toblog Marketing Digital marketing The best Digital Marketing books in PDF (and free!) Guilherme de Bortoli Per Guilherme de Bortoli Digital marketing CEO of Orgânica, he has years of experience in digital marketing and sales projects. Finding the best PDF Digital Marketing books can be quite a challenge. After all, when performing a search on the Internet, we come across thousands of pieces of information, not all of which are really reliable.

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